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Jet ski WaveRunner Yamaha : precauções, pilotagens, história e tecnologia

2) Post-operation Checks - O que checar depois de andar

Post-operation Checks

When you return to port, clean and check the watercraft.

This is very important towards ensuring long-lasting use of the craft.

Cleaning Parts
Washing with fresh water to take out the dirt and salt, and wiping up.

Cooling System
Washing with fresh water to take out the dirt and salt.
Draining the water and wiping up.

Removing the battery terminal.

Checking for bilge water and fuel, and cleaning.
While water vehicle is landed, keep the drain plug removed.
(Keep the plug inn a certain place securely.)

Engine Room
Remove the front seat and fore-storage to wash and ventilate the room.
When the water vehicle is not be used for a week or more, treat each part with the antirust ( lubricate internal parts of the engine ).

Antirust treatment at the metal parts.

Only major checkpoints are mentioned in here.
For details, please refer to the Owner’s Operator’s manual for water vehicle.

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